Head of School

Cheryl Brown's long-standing love affair with St. James Day School began when she moved to Texarkana in the 1990's and enrolled her daughter Kendyl. As the first Business Manager of the School in 1995, she was instrumental in seeing St. James through two capital campaigns with former headmistress, Nancy Russell. When she left St. James in 2002, it was to fulfill another mission for children with the Girl Scouts as their new Training and Program Director. in 2004, Ms. Brown's strong budgetary and financial analysis skills and strong communication skills with both staff and membership of the Girl Scouts led the organization to offer her the position of CEO for the Girl Scouts of Conifer Council. In 2008, she was part of the new statewide council that was required to help merge the five councils in Arkansas into one Council through a national mandated merger. When the merger completed, she became the Vice President of Membership and Program.

2008 was also the year St. James was at a turning point, with enrollment at its lowest point in ten years, and finances in a precarious position. Dee Miller was appointed Head of School that year, and was able to persuade Cheryl that the School needed her once again. Cheryl Brown loves St. James, and returned to help bring the School back to a bright and prosperous future with a 53% increase in enrollment and a return to financial stability by 2014. It is fitting, indeed, that she continue to lead St. James as it moves forward with the excellent programs she has helped create.

Cheryl Brown came to Texarkana by way of Michigan and California, and the School is very glad she chose Texarkana for her permanent home. She lives in Texarkana with husband Jim. They have three children, two of whom live in Texarkana. Their daughter is close by in Arkansas and loves coming back to the school where she grew up.