Faculty and Staff

St. James' faculty is the heart and soul of the school! Teachers are more than employees; they are family to each other and to their students. The bottom line of success in any school is the teacher in the classroom, and St. James is proud to boast the best in Texas!


  • Cheryl Brown, B.S., California State U. teacher photo

    Cheryl Brown, B.S., California State U.

    Head of School

    Cheryl Brown, appointed Head of School by the Board of Trustees for the 2014-15 school year, was very excited for the opportunity to move the School forward while preserving the great traditions that have been the foundation of St. James Day School for over sixty-five years. Cheryl is not new to St. James. She was hired as CEO of the school in 2010, and has been instrumental in the success of the School's sound financial state. Daughter, Kendyl, is a St. James graduate, and Mrs. Brown served many years as Business Manager while her daughter was in school.

    Ms. Brown's belief that organizations must make every decision based on their mission, ensures that St. James will continue and thrive in "educating students in a safe and nurturing Christian environment that instills high intellect, character, and compassion, while challenging them academically, physically, and spiritually to achieve their highest potential as confident individuals and future leaders." She is an astute businesswoman, possesses strong work ethics, and has an unbending belief in the Christian values which make the strong foundation for Episcopal schools nationwide. St. James is fortunate to have such passionate and strong leadership in the person of Ms. Brown as it moves into the future for the children of the four-states area.

  • Traci Anderson teacher photo

    Traci Anderson

    Director of Curriculum and Assessment

    Traci Anderson has served as Director of Curriculum and Assessments at St James since 2014. She has, however, been part of the Spartan family for over over a decade as all three of her children are SJDS graduates. Before her current appointment, Traci was a learning specialist at St James for four years. Prior to coming to our school, Traci was Clinical Director of the Therapeutic Intervention Learning Center and Coordinator of Behavioral Interventions at Texarkana Independent School District. She is Orton-Gillingham certified and a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Over her career, Traci has worked for government agencies and residential facilities, as well as in both public and private educational settings. Traci is passionately committed to educating the whole child in a developmentally appropriate way that respects the unique strengths of each student.

  • Wendy Crawford teacher photo

    Wendy Crawford

    Administrative Assistant

    Wendy knows EVERYTHING! As administrative assistant in the office, even administration goes to her for information. She can keep a smile on her face for eight straight hours and can charm anyone who steps into the office. Teachers depend on her; administration depends on her; parents depend on her; and Parents' Club depends on her! Wendy is truly a rock for St. James.

  • Kandice Kimmel, B.S. TAMU-T teacher photo

    Kandice Kimmel, B.S. TAMU-T

    Director of Development

    Kandice Kimmel has always been an advocate for children! In fact, she has conducted over 1300 one-on-one interviews with children two to eighteen as the lead forensic Interviewer for Texarkana Children's Advocacy Center. After so many years of working with troubled children, Kandice wanted to connect with children in a happy place — and that, of course, is St. James Day School! After enrolling her twins in St. James' PreK class, Kandice signed on as the assistant teacher for Sarah Kyles kindergarten class and loved it. With the tremendous growth of St. James during the past few years, we needed help in administration with marketing and alumni development. Kandice fit the bill! You will see her conducting tours, creating newsletters, and keeping in touch with our graduates. We are so glad she is continuing to advocate for children — in the happy place we call St. James Day School.






  • Gale Malone teacher photo

    Gale Malone

    Gale was born and raised in Texarkana. She and husband, Donnie, are the proud parents of three wonderful children and the grandparents of a 2014 graduate of St. James Day School. She has worked at the school for over 25 years in many capacities—as a preschool teacher, a preschool aide, a lower school aide, a middle school aide, and now a floating teacher and administrative aide. She has a certification in child developmental evaluation. Her passion is watching her students grow and mature from the preschool program to sixth grade graduation and beyond.