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about Beth Rowe

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St. James is so happy to welcome Beth Rowe as our new Spanish teacher for the 2016-17 school year! Ms. Rowe earned her B.S. in English and Language Arts from TAMU-T in 2005, graduating with Academic Distinction. Continuing her education, she earned a master's degree in 2009, and a Teaching Certification in 2014. Ms. Rowe has vast experience in speaking, writing, reading, and translating Spanish, and has used those skills repeatedly on mission trips to South America. Previous teaching experience was in the ESL program at Beryl Henry Elementary School in Hope, AR, where she also assisted the vice principal as an interpreter for 5th and 6th grade Spanish speaking students and aided parents and students who required an interpreter at meetings and conferences. Beth also taught beginning Spanish to first through 6th grades at the UACCH-Hope, AR. Kids College for four summers. Ms. Rowe is happily married with four adult children and six wonderful grandsons, and is excited to be part of the St. James faculty this year!