Campus Life


A typical day at St. James begins at 8:00 when kindergarten through 6th grades meet with their teachers for a daily devotional, prayer, reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance, and singing of the National Anthem. Preschoolers start the day at 8:30 in the same manner. Once each week, students wear their dress uniforms and every class meets for Chapel in the Lower School Commons when the rector from St. James Church leads us in a scripture-based lesson following the Christian Calendar. 6th graders process carrying the cross, school banners, and the American flag. Birthdays are recognized, student achievements applauded, and announcements made concerning upcoming events. Big Chapel concludes with the singing of the school song.

Hands-on is the preferred teaching method at St. James, and few days go by without seeing both children and their teachers in the commons areas, in the outdoor classrooms, or presenting living exhibits to a continuing march of students, parents, and visitors. K3 students love their Teddy Bear parade in the fall, and their Fairy Tale parade through all the buildings in the winter. Alternate years find Middle School students preparing an outdoor Renaissance Faire, an International Fair showcasing the cultures of Texas immigrants, or an indoor Chinese or Egyptian presentation. Last year's's offering was a visit to Ancient Rome courtesy of both the 5th/6th grade teachers and the Latin teacher. Much of the preparation for these student projects and exhibitions are prepared in one of our two multi-media computer labs where children are encouraged to create using the digital applications for live media taught in their weekly application course.

St. James believes strongly in teaching through the arts. Students meet with a specialized music teacher three times weekly and an artist-in-residence twice weekly. Since the school is the proud owner of its own kiln, art students are also privileged to have at least one unit each year in sculpting. Spanish instruction begins at age four, and middle schoolers add French and Latin to their foreign language studies.

Performance and public speaking are stressed in every grade. Fall music classes include preparation for the traditional Candlelight service at St. James Church, and spring classes include the production of a spring musical performance at a local theater. Even our youngest get performance experience when K3 does a spring sing-song for parents, and K4, kindergarten, and primer present talent shows and hold graduation in the school's amphitheater.

St. James believes passionately in whole child education and insists on continuing the practice of daily P.E. and recess. The P.E. program ranges from hand/eye coordination exercises and physical skills such as jumping, hopping, and skipping with our youngest all the way to team sports such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball with our oldest students. Older classses are also introduced to the martial arts, and participate in the Presidential Physical Fitness program each year. A favorite optional program is the tennis program in which parents can choose to have a local tennis coach pull their child from P.E. once a week for group tennis lessons.

At the end of the day, 3:00 for preschoolers, and 3:15 for older students, optional activities are available for those whose parents need after school care, or want their children to have the experience of private lessons in art, piano, drama, or violin. The school also provides an excellent after-school program until 5:30.

St. James administers national standardized tests in the spring, and our students traditionally score in the top percentages of the country. We don't have time to teach the test because we are too busy teaching students to think, reason, and absorb concepts. Fortunately, that seems to serve us very well since our students are almost always the top honor graduates of all the local high schools.

Sixth grade students look forward to their annual trip to Mo Ranch for four days and three nights of team-building in the fall, and in some years, to an end of the year national or international trip. 2010's's graduating 6th grade was able to take a trip to China as the culmination of their St. James experience.


The St. James Day School uniform is intended to provide a common visual identity for St. James students, a uniformity of dress to reduce comparison, and a savings in overall costs for school clothing. Pride in one’s school is demonstrated when uniforms are well kept, clean, and in good repair. Appropriate student dress and grooming is conducive to good discipline and behavior. Only the style of dress that will lend itself to a proper learning situation for the student body will be permitted on our campus.

• √ Students are to be neat in appearance and well-groomed.
• √ Makeup may not be worn by any student.
• √ If worn, jewelry should be simple and may not be distracting to the educational process. Earrings may not be worn by boys.
• √ Hats may not be worn at school, unless required for medical reasons.
• √ Hair shall not cover the eyes, or be styled in a way that is distracting and/or designed to be conspicuous.

Authorized uniforms are required to be worn by all students Monday through Friday. Dress uniform may be worn on any day, but is required on Tuesdays, for all field trips and special performances, as directed by the Head of School. Official Scout uniforms may be worn on Scout meeting days. Uniform components shall be ordered from Land’s End or Parker Uniforms, unless otherwise indicated. Exception shall be made for belts, hair ribbons and bows, shoes and socks, which may be purchased from any source. Hair ribbons and other hair accessories (barrettes, bows, etc.) must color coordinate with the uniform.
Uniform tops shall display the St James’ Day School logo, with the exception of blouses and shirts that are covered by a jumper. Only the performance fine gauge cardigan, drifter crew sweater, zip front sweatshirt or fleece jacket or vest with logo will be permitted to be worn inside.

Dress Uniforms - Required every Tuesday plus all field trips and performances.

Girls Dress Uniform for Primary 1 – Third grade:
St James’ tartan plaid jumper, from Parker Uniforms. Jumper length must range from 2”above the knee to 2”below the knee. Blue Peter Pan Knit Top, short or long sleeve, from Lands’ End only. Sweater - performance fine gauge cardigan in classic navy (with logo), optional

Girls Dress Uniform for Fourth through Sixth Grade:
St James’ tartan plaid skirt, from Parker uniforms. Skirt or skort length must range from 2” above the knee to 2” below the knee. Blue Oxford or pinpoint blouse (Lands’ End), short or long sleeve (with logo) must be tucked in. Sweater – Performance fine gauge cardigan in navy (with logo), optional

Boys Dress Uniform for Primary 1- Sixth Grade:
Khaki shorts or pants (No cargo pants or shorts), Belts are required for first through sixth grades. Blue Oxford or pinpoint shirt, button-down, short or long sleeve (with logo) must be tucked in. Sweater - Drifter Crew in classic navy (with logo)

Everyday Uniform - All Students - Monday, Wednesday through Friday
Belts - Students in grades 1- 6 shall wear black, brown, navy or Lands End hunter green/navy belts. Belts are not required for Primary 1 through Kindergarten. Skirts - side buckle, or any on approved on Lands’ End list in khaki. Skorts - blended short chino, stretch two-button chino, blended chino, or any approved on Lands’ End list in khaki. Shorts or pants (no boot cut) – approved on Lands’ End list in khaki
Cargo pants or shorts (for boys only) in khaki. No cargo pants or shorts with dress uniform.
Interlock Polo-performance or feminine fit shirt in red or classic navy with logo. Shirts must be tucked in.
Mesh Polo shirts maybe worn by those requiring toddler sizes. May wear red or classic navy, with logo. Shirts must be tucked in.

Sweatshirt - classic navy with logo
Performance Fine Gauge cardigan in classic navy (with logo) for girls
Drifter Crew sweater in classic navy (with logo) for boys
Zip front sweatshirt in classic navy (with logo)
Mid-weight Fleece Jacket or Vest in classic navy (with logo)

If the weather is cool enough for any type of light jacket, students may wear either the performance fine gauge cardigan, drifter crew sweater, zip front sweatshirt or fleece jacket with logo. No other sweater or light jacket is permitted or to be worn inside. Any type of outdoor winter coat is permitted in
cold weather but may not be worn inside.

Only solid white short-sleeved undershirts may be worn beneath the uniform shirts but should not be visible. Girls must wear modesty shorts or biker shorts beneath skirts and jumpers; modesty shorts must not be visible.

Shoes shall be closed toe and closed heel. Styles may be athletic, loafers, top-siders, dress or saddle shoes. No shoes with high tops, lights, wheels, sounds, cartoons, sparkle, ornate or excessive decorations, sandals, Croc-style, boots, slippers or flip-flops. The primary color of the uppers of shoes shall be brown, blue, white, grey, black or tan. Neon uppers are not allowed. The uppers of shoes may have accents of any color, including Neon colors. The soles and interior lining may be of any color, including Neon colors. Shoes with laces must be laced and tied; shoes with Velcro shall be fastened. Snow boots or rain boots are permitted only in bad weather, and only outside. School shoes must be worn inside.

Socks must be worn at all times.
Boys: Solid white, navy or black, ankle length or shorter.
Girls: Solid white, navy, or black, ankle length or shorter. White or navy knee socks are permissible. Leggings or tights in solid white or navy, ankle length (no lace or skin showing) are optional in cooler weather. The Head of School may prohibit leggings at special events to ensure uniformity of appearance.

Spartan Spirit Days (as authorized by the Head of School, usually every Friday)
Spartan Spirit t-shirts may be worn
Khaki shorts, skirts, pants or skorts are to be worn with Spartan Spirit t-shirts. On Spartan Spirit days, belts are not required and t-shirts do not have to be tucked in. Shoe policy is still in effect

Non-uniform Dress Code
Applies to special occasions when the head of school declares a non-uniform day. Whether on or off campus, students are expected to dress in a neat, tasteful manner. Short and skirt length requirements listed above remain in effect. Uniform shoe requirements also remain in effect.

The following types of clothing are not permitted: Clothing with inappropriate language or graphics, pajamas and lounging clothes, spaghetti strap, tank top, bare midriff and sleeveless shirts. Students who elect not to participate in the non-uniform days (or who are ineligible) must be dressed in appropriate
school uniform.

Other special occasions will give students the opportunity to wear special clothes that are related to specific themes. The specific options will be given to students on those occasions. These days are not nonuniform days, and students who do not choose to wear the theme clothing must wear the school uniform.

Interpretation and Enforcement:
The Head of School and Faculty have the authority to make judgments regarding any Uniform Policy issues, and determine whether clothes or grooming are considered distracting or inappropriate. For the first two uniform or grooming infractions, a parent will receive written notification when his/her child is
not in compliance with the uniform policy. The third infraction will result in the parent being called to immediately correct the situation. Requests for revisions/changes in the Dress Code should be addressed in writing to the Head of School and will be considered for the following year.