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St. James Alumnus, Jacob Kirkland, graduates from the Air Force Academy

St. James Alumnus, Jacob Kirkland, graduates from the Air Force Academy image

St. James Alumnus, Jacob Kirkland, graduates from the Air Force Academy image

St. James Alumnus, Jacob Kirkland, graduates from the Air Force Academy image

ANOTHER St. James success story! Jacob Austin Kirkland will graduate from the Air Force Academy June 2, 2016 with a B.S. in Management. After being commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force, he will be attending pilot school in San Antonio, Texas. Read what his mother has to say about St. James' role in this young man's success:

Jacob, is an alumnus of St James who attended K3 through 6th grade. St. James didn't just prepare him to excel in public school; He was prepared to excel in life. Jacob seldom had to study in public school because he was so well prepared at St James. It wasn’t until the Air Force Academy that he had to go back to his St James roots and use the study skills, the inference skills, the note taking skills, the problem solving skills, and the group/teamwork skills he learned at St James. Jacob graduated salutatorian from Genoa Central High School where he led the Dragons to an Arkansas State Baseball Championship.

As a parent, I want you to know that St James played a huge role in his academic achievements and in his success in life. St James prepared Jacob with a solid foundation to build upon for his future academic career. St James’ teachers and staff provided a loving and caring atmosphere where he flourished. The Christian environment supported his beliefs, morals, and helped to develop his character. He graduated St James a well-rounded young man prepared to succeed in life. St James is preparing well rounded students who supersede all others in academics and preparation for leadership roles. If only everyone could see your track record of salutatorians, valedictorians, and leaders!

Today, Jacob still reminisces about the fun time he had, the friendships he made, and the bonds that were created with his teachers. He learned to draw in art and was selected to paint the mural on the wall to represent his unit . He learned to play violin in music class and still plays his violin, as well as guitar. He continues his physical education on the rugby field at the Air Force Academy. And he will be graduating from one of the most prestigious academies this year with it all due to the solid foundation he was exposed to as a student at St James.

Shannon Kirkland
Coordinator of Secondary Instructional Technology, TISD
Google Certified Educator
TCEA Certified Robotics Trainer

Texas Middle School NJHS

Texas Middle School NJHS image

The 2013 class of St. James Day School saw four students matriculate to Texas Middle School. 100% of those four students were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society last week. Congratulations to Elizabeth Formby, Davis Miller, Erica Stanley, and Ethan Yost for their outstanding academic work throughout their middle school years! Ethan and Davis are also to be congratulated for taking first and second places, respectively, in the 8th grade Science Fair at the school.

Taylor Wilson

Taylor Wilson image

Taylor Wilson (SJDS '06) made national news this year by building a "Farnsworth Fusor" to generate neutrons and demonstrate a low level nuclear fusion reaction. Taylor attended Texas Middle School for two years before his family decided to move to Reno, Nevada and enroll Taylor and his younger brother, Joey in the Davidson Academy for the Profoundly Gifted. The University of Navada now mentors and provides a physics laboratory for Taylor to conduct his research. He is also the sole subject of an entire chapter of a recently published book, Science Fair Season by Judy Dutton.

Molly Quinn

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